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of pillows & other filled products

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Oreillers Soft Tex Inc., located in Magog, Quebec, specializes in the manufacturing of hypoallergenic polyester or down and feather filled bed pillows and other filled products for North American distributors and retailers.

We manufacture custom-made product, according to your needs and your specifications!

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Retailers & Distributors

Oreillers Soft Tex is manufacturing distributors and retailers of Canada and United StatesOreillers Soft Tex currently supplies a significant portion of the Canadian pillow's market as well as renowned retailers and institutional distributors in the United States.

Contact us your Private Label programs: this is our specialty! Our pillows are also available under our own brand names, developed to target different levels of the market.

Welcome to retailers and distributors from the United States! We will be pleased to arrange customs clearance and transportation to your warehouse for a trouble-free transaction.

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Why choose Oreillers Soft Tex?

  • Our production capacity is flexible and can quickly adapt to our customers' changing demands.
  • Eliminate lost opportunities. Being a domestic producer, we provide our customers with fast response to their needs.
  • High standards in respect of meeting product specifications and ensuring quality of all the components used in our products.
  • Seamless, timely domestic distribution.

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